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Translational mental health strategy

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Abbreviation/ termMeaning/ Explanation
ACTAssertive Community Treatment
BfArMFederal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products
BMBFFederal Ministry of Education and Research
BMFSFJFederal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
BMGFederal Ministry of Health
CHCRCentre for Health Care Research
CHIMPSCentre for Children of Mentally-Ill Parents
CMDCommon Mental Disorders
CRCCollaborative Research Center
CRTCrisis Resolution Team
CRUClinical Research Unit
CVCurriculum Vitae
DFGGerman Research Foundation
DGKJPGerman Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
DGPPNGerman Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology
DG-SuchtGerman Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy
DRV BundGerman Federal Pension Fund
DSM-5Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
DVGDigital Healthcare Act
DZIGGerman Center for Infection Research
DZNENational Neuroimaging Network
DZSKJGerman Centre for Addiction Research in Childhood and Adolescence
EISEarly Intervention Service
EmPeeRie NoWEmpower Peers to Research
ERCEuropean Research Council
EX-INExperienced Involvement: Individuals who have experienced mental health problems effectively support others going through similar crises (on the basis of appropriate training/curriculum)
G-BAFederal Joint Committee of Health Insurances/ Agencies, authorized to make binding regulations based on health reform bills passed by lawmakers, along with routine decisions regarding healthcare in Germany
GCMH(Proposed) German Centre for Mental Health
HAM-NETHamburg Network for Health Services Research
HBSCHealth Behaviour in School-Aged Children
HCC.HITTHamburg Center for Child Healthcare Innovation, Translation and Treatment
HCHEHamburg Centre for Health Economics
HCHSHamburg City Health Study
HBSHamburg Brain School
HiTOPHierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology
HCNSHamburg Centre of Neuroscience
HRQoLHealth-Related Quality of Life
IC-TACTIntegrated Care incl. Therapeutic Assertive Community Treatment
IfPInstitute for Psychotherapy
LPERegional association of service users
LApKRegional association of carers
MH-TRNMental Health Translational Research Network Hamburg
MCTMetacognitive Training
MPIBMax Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
MRI/ MRTMagnetic Resonance Imaging/ Magnetic Resonance Tomography
NCATSNational Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
NIHNational Institutes of Health
OCDObsessive-Compulsive Disorder
PCCPatient-centred care
Peer(s)Individuals with own experience of mental illness or experienced as relatives/ carers; actively involved in one or more of the following activities: peer support, conducting research, being part of a research, or other institutional participatory advisory boards
PEPPReimbursement system for psychiatric and psychosomatic hospitals in Germany
PIPrinciple investigator
PREMPatient-reported experience measures
PRINCEPrenatal Identification of Children’s Health
PROMPatient-reported outcome measures
PTATraining Institute for Clinical Psychologists
PTMPower Threat Meaning Framework
PTSDPosttraumatic Stress Disorder
RCTRandomised controlled trial
RDoCResearch Domain Criteria
RKIRobert Koch Institute
SDMShared decision-making
SESupported Employment
SMISerious Mental Illness
SPSupportive psychotherapy
SPMISevere and persistent mental illness
SSDsSomatic Symptom and Related Disorders
TMSTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation
TRRTransregio (DFG funding type)
UCLUniversity College London
UHHUniversity of Hamburg
UKEUniversity Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf
VRVirtual Reality
WGWorking Group
WHOWorld Health Organisation
yCHCRYoung Centre for Health Care Research
ZISCentre for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research